A Big Announcement 👀

You are going want to read this post...

Hey there 👋,

Stan here - I have a huge announcement to make…

But before I make the big reveal, I want to recap what this newsletter is about and why I started it.

The mission

Category Surfers is a newsletter dedicated to helping you build the best growth engine for your SaaS business.

Each article I wrote broke down the go-to-market strategies of the top SaaS companies in the world.

From Clearbit to Klavyio, I highlighted how fast-growing startups scaled and the tactics they used to reach their next level of growth.

While I’m still obsessed with GTM strategies, most of my time is now spent building these growth levers at Default. (Sorry for not hearing from me lately.) I no longer have the time to write the breakdowns you love every week.

The big reveal

So, I decided to hand the reins to someone I trust to deliver the same value to you.

I found someone who, like me, is obsessed with SaaS growth strategies and has been at the frontlines of helping SaaS companies grow.

In other words, the Category Surfers newsletter has been acquired!!

What’s next

I would like to introduce you to Ian Ito at SaaS Weekly.

Ian is on the BizOps and Strategy team at a fast-growing, Seattle startup and the owner of a newsletter called SaaS Weekly.

He has industry experience helping SaaS companies grow and leverages his insights to curate/ create content for founders and operators.

The mission of SaaS Weekly is similar to Category Surfers. Ian’s goal is to help you discover your next growth strategy by highlighting GTM plays by some of the top SaaS startups.

A few of my favorite stories he wrote include how Advocat AI grew to $1M in ARR and how Humanly.io uses partnerships to grow.

With Ian’s background and the mission & content overlap, I felt comfortable transitioning away from Category Surfers. (You are in great hands!)

What to expect

Starting next week, you’ll be getting the SaaS Weekly roundups from Ian – look out for his emails!

But not to worry, I’ll reach out a few more times this week to remind you.

Social announcements

Read more about what I’m up to next here: link.

Until next time,


PS — I’m still around if you want to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.