Brand-assisted GTM

how to build a brand that generates pipeline

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Best examples of how to build a SaaS brand

This week I decided to partner with Postdrips to research why some companies can create a brand-assisted GTM while the rest struggle to make people remember their logo.

Brand-assisted GTM

First off, let’s start with how a brand can affect the whole GTM. A brand is hard to explain, build, and quantify but I think there are two main pillars:

  • Community: You get a sense of “respect” when you mention that you use a specific software for work.

  • Launches create buzz: “iPhone effect” — a lot of people care about new products.

Based on the above criteria, here are some examples:


I’m sure there are hundreds of software brands on the market, so this list is not complete. Here are some worthy examples:

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Webflow built a cult-like following with designers by having a strong product and investing in the community. Opening the template gallery to everyone was the best GTM decision they made.

Webflow’s template gallery


Truly one-of-a-kind product, customer obsession, and amazing local/startup community helped secure a leading position as a payment processor. Now Stripe’s brand will help them become the next Google.

Stripe’s startup resources hub


They made it seem like it’s a cool person’s spreadsheet. Then added funny billboards in famous places to feed into that narrative. The easiest way to replicate that is to go to LinkedIn and be funny there using Postdrips (AI will write stuff for you!).

Airtable’s funny campaign against ClickUp


Coming back again to the cult-like following. Notion templates have been for years their GTM engine. Adding events or coffee carts helped create a great brand with solid (but slow) product.

Notion’s free coffee cart in NYC


They are not an example but a great way to build a personal brand on Linkedin. Check out their launch offer, if you’re serious about building a brand in the last quarter of 2023.


You’re a legend — thank you for reading!

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