Free Pipeline Calculator

how to hit your revenue goals even if you don't know where to start

Welcome to the new segment of Category Surfers where we break down go-to-market strategies so you can build the best GTM engine for your SaaS.

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Free Pipeline Calculator

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I made this quick calculator that lets you figure out what you need to do on a weekly basis to grow your ARR like a champ.

How to use it

The first section is about your data — how big are your deals, how often customers buy, etc.

In most cases, you have 3 main ways to get customers:

  • Outbound (prospecting, cold emails, cold calls)

  • Inbound (blog posts, viral meme posts on LinkedIn)

  • Network (reaching out to someone you know to buy)

Here are my inputs. Remember to edit this section to match your data.

Outbound deals are usually bigger than Inbound as you pick the customers you want to have. Inbound deals are usually smaller but they close easier.

Network deals should be the easiest ones to close. Thing is, it’s hard to grow that channel and its significance drops as the company grows (that’s why I put it at the negative growth rate).

Play around with it. And let me know if you have any questions.

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