how to build a $7.3B SaaS brand

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How Gong grew to $7.3B by building a brand

Gong started as a call recorder for sales teams. Now they are fighting for the whole sales tech budget with AI notes, customer insights, pipeline forecasting, and sales engagement. All by having a memorable brand.

Gong GTM Strategy


Their primary product is a Zoom call recorded that references CRM data. It allows managers to train reps and product/marketing teams to get insights into why customers buy. Gong has also launched a sales engagement tool and sales forecasting tool. From my experience, they have solid products so this might be an amazing expansion strategy for them.

Gong’s Platform


Gong built an amazing brand early on. They used data like what to say to close more deals and share these reports for free. This led to building over 200k+ audience of the best B2B sales teams. Gong’s product is good but their marketing is even better.

This GTM strategy focuses on fueling the distribution by using case studies and how their product is used.

Gong’s Blog


The conversation intelligence market is worth over $7B but with all the additional products (sales forecasting, sales engagement) their overall TAM expands to over $80B!


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