text expander that is killing it

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GTM Breakdown: Magical

Magical is a text expander for salespeople — that lets you copy data from LinkedIn and put it into Salesforce or Google Sheets. The founder raised $41M from Greylock and GTMfund.

Here is Magical’s GTM strategy and what you can copy from them:

What is it?

Prospecting is hard work. You need to spend a ton of time on non-meeting generating activities like data entry and scraping. Magical built a Chrome extension used by 300k users that lets you copy and paste data into tools like Google Sheets or Salesforce. It’s actually magical because that data lands in the appropriate fields. Crazy!

What is their strategy?

Build a better text expander for a specific use case (sales). Pick an already in-demand solution in a specific market and make it the best only for that market — sounds familiar?

This is what Salesforce did to spreadsheets back in the day (I wasn’t even born then).

They focused so much on distribution that they didn’t even have pricing until recently (the tool is free). The primary way they have grown is through vitality and word of mouth. If an SDR finds it on LinkedIn and loves it — they will share it internally adding 10-20 SDRs from the same company as users to Magical.

This is how I hear about them and, when asked, this is how others have found it.

How big is the market?

The text expander market is not that big. It’s old but not enough to raise $41M. So they are going after the AI sales assistant market.

ai sales assistant software market

And here are other players in the same or similar market:

That’s it!