Scale AI

$7.3B enterprise AI ecosystem

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How Scale AI grew to $7.3B by building for enterprises

Scale AI started as a service firm that used human labor to categorize and manage big data sets for machine learning. They build data models for faster and more reliable AI training.


Scale AI has created a platform to help save time and resources for larger companies building AI — for example: self-driving car manufacturers need a ton of data to understand what is a stop sign. Scale AI providers AI models within one machine learning platform.

Scale AI’s Pricing


Scale AI does not have a large sales team. Over 80% of 2200 employees is technical. The rest is split between customer success, finance, HR, and partnerships. Scale AI gets large enterprise customers such as Open AI, Meta, and Microsoft by selling a partnership — not their platform.

Scale AI’s Customers


The artificial intelligence market is worth over $103B. Duh. Kudos to Scale AI for betting on the right trend in 2016.


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