Top CROs to follow

a list of people I'd use to learn how to grow ARR

Welcome to the segment of Category Surfers where we break down go-to-market strategies so you can build the best GTM engine for your SaaS.

Last week I shared my process of getting advisors. This week, I’m sharing a list of CROs that excelled at the top SaaS companies, and that I think would be awesome to chat with.

I used the Cloud 100 list to find a way to pick “the best” SaaS companies. And here are a few things I learned:

  • Don’t use this type of list. Find big companies that went from Seed to Series C in your industry. You’ll get a much better fit.

    (happy to build a list and research for you, just reply or DM me)

  • An easy way to stand out is to post content or do something on the side. It’s a great signal. Hard to vibe with a profile that has 55 connections and never posts.

I found about 150 people that used to work at these top SaaS companies and now are CROs. Only 28 leaders made it on my list, using these criteria.

The criteria might not be perfect. I’m sure there is a lot of leeway. One of the best ways to stand out as an advisor, exec, or investor is just by sharing insights.

And this is what I’m planning to do with this newsletter.

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